Nursing Home,Long Term Senior Care & Outpatient Clinic

We offer a wide range of elderly care services, including nursing home, residential care, after hospital care right through to hospice care.
Our passion is to offer the highest possible standard to everyone with respect, kindness and warmth in an environment that can truly be regarded as their home.


Stroke Rehabilitation and Care

We accommodate,care and rehabilitate patients with stroke. We have short and long term stay plan available based on patient needs and type of stroke.


Our Clinic is open Monday to Friday for General Outpatient and Elderly Care Services. Clinic is by appointments only. For appointments WhatsApp (+592) 601-2011 or email

Long Term Care

Demerara Paradise Medical & Senior Care facility is a modern home that caters to the needs of the elderly. Our home provides from nursing and residential care;after hospital and post surgical care right through to end of life support. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of medical care and routine daily assistance to all elderly residents in our true home. Our company takes care of seniors in Guyana with and without medical needs especially for family that live abroad. Our purpose is to ensure that their loved ones in Guyana get the care and attention they deserve,free from abuse in a safe and well cared home with all the support services to ensure the best in their time of needs. To learn more ☎️ (592) 601 2011 (WhatsApp) 🇬🇾 3160 Block III Providence,Guyana

Post Surgical and After Hospital Care

This plan is best suited for patients about to discharge or recently discharged from hospital that need technical and professional care and medical attention.

Hip Fracture Care plan

This plan is carefully designed with specialized services to meet the needs of elders with a recent hip Fracture.

Family Relief and Short term Care

If you need to step out for vacation or business but you are in need of a place to ensure the best for your loved one while away,then this plan will be a great option for you. This plan is also designed for patients in need of short term care ranging from 1 week to 1 month.

Memory Care,Dementia and Alzheimers

Our Mental health and Memory Care Plan is designed for patients with dementia,alzheimers and many common mental health disorders in seniors.

Palliative and Hospice Care

At Demerara Paradise we have a great hospice program with a mission to offer dignity,peace and compassionate care in your golden days.


  • 3160 Phase III Providence East Bank Demerara

Why choose us?


Sometimes it’s just good to have another set of eyes watching over your loved one. That’s what you get with Demerara Paradise Nursing Home. Our staff are dedicated to monitoring residents. This is especially helpful with residents recently discharged from hospital in need of monitoring or someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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Immediate Assistance.

For all of life’s daily chores, our nursing home supply help. Your loved one might need a hand with dressing, eating, or moving around. Our dedicated nursing home is ready to offer a hand of friendship and support for those tasks.

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Our Kitchen cooks fresh meals every day and is located in the heart of our home.Our nursing home provide residents with all meals, snacks, and drinks. Plus, they do this in consultation with our doctors,nurses and dietitian. This can be really helpful when residents have complex health problems.

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Health Care

At our nursing home residents benefit from direct access to health care. We have on staff full time doctors to guide care for our residents and offer routine medical support. We have nurses and other medical professionals on staff to take care of residents. Plus, we coordinate with other providers should your medical needs require further assistance. Combine this with 24-7 support and your loved one’s health will be in the best possible hands.

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Social Life

At our nursing home your social life matters to us! We have a lot of recreational activities that you will enjoy. Joining us means entering a world of life-minded people including companionship with other residents. You might find their company fulfilling. You might also enjoy the many social events that facilities hold.

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About DPI

Demerara Paradise Nursing Home & Assisted Living facility is a new state-of-the-art elderly care home and Skilled Nursing Facility in Guyana. Our experienced doctors,professional nurses and friendly caregivers specialize in providing quality care and all level of assistance from activities of daily living right through to medical care and monitoring.

A great environment!

Nestled in the heart of Providence,East Bank Demerara,Guyana within proximity with the Demerara River Demerara Paradise has provided quality care to seniors and Post Surgical patients since 2015.
What makes our home unique is our small, intimate community that offer the most advance care in Guyana. We are located in a quiet neighborhood with lots of greenery and away from the noise,pollution and hassle of the city. Our home is 100% disability engineered along with all comfort to make your stay truly memorable and warm.

Demerara Paradise Nursing Home & Resident Care Facility is a fully licensed and board certified Geriatric
Care Facility in Guyana known for exceptional care and good services.


Our foundation is built with the hope of bridging the gap for better care in an aging population of Guyana.
Demerara Paradise is a place where anyone can experience “a true home away from home” in a comfortable & dignified setting that is safe and caring.

Our focus is driven by our belief, that health and well-being is the most desired wealth any person could have. As Guyana develops it is becoming more evident that many elders will need specialized care like offered by our facility, some for short term care while others for long term services.

Mission Statement
Demerara Paradise Inc. is a Premier Nursing Home, with leading innovations in nursing care and medical services, where the entire team is equipped to provide the best possible services to you or your loved one. We commit to deliver quality care to our Residents with a person centered approach and spiritual welfare, built with compassion and trust while ensuring you receive affordable medical services. With continual investment in staff training, we strive to recognize & implement improvements where needed, ensuring that the standard of care given is nurse led yet home friendly.

Our Philosophy of Care
Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of care to all persons using our services. Working together with clients to deliver ‘Person Centered’ care based on total inclusion of you and your family. We believe that every client has the right to receive care in the most dignified way and that we must make a difference in the lives of those we are privileged to care for.

We will flourish you with love and care and respect your individuality, religion, food preference and way of life because we recognize that persons are unique in their social norms and values. We fully support the diversity of all social and cultural groups where your rights, choices and habits are safeguarded and respected. We value the intrinsic role of relatives’ friends and other professionals involved. We will spend time with each client so that they can help us to plan their care giving each client the opportunity to feel fulfilled and responsible in developing their unique plan of care.

Amenities of our State of the Art Facility:
  • 25 Bed compliment in Private Rooms,Semiprivate Suites and open living 4 & 5 bed wards
  • 95 KVA Standby Genset
  • Resident recreational areas, patios and social hubs
  • Families and friends are very welcome to visit
  • Kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and TV
  • Veranda
  • Onsite Kitchen in the heart of facility
  • Disability showers
  • Licensed Pharmacy onsite to meet medical needs of residents. 
  • Onsite Doctor's Clinic
  • Free WIFI 

Activities of Daily Living

  • Personal hygiene - Bathing, grooming, oral, nail and hair care
  • Continence management
  • Dressing
  • Feeding
  • Ambulating/Mobility Assistance
  • General Care giving and Company
  • Monitoring and administration of medications